Lifting ropes: Complete systems for overhead cranes, cranes, hoists and winches

Lifting ropes are used to move loads safely. They are used on overhead cranes, cranes, hoists and winches. Lifting ropes are supplied according to the customer’s specifications in different sizes and packages.

Moreover ropes are used for the production of slings that CABLES can supply in a customized way (length, dimensions and type) and therefore according to the customer’s needs.

CABLES has refined its many years of experience in the application of sockets,  errules and all accessories for industrial lifting.

Lifeline ropes.

CABLES supplies certified AISI 316 stainless steel and galvanized steel life line ropes of all diameters and formations used by kit manufacturers and life line installers.

Life line ropes can be supplied in rolls and/or reels of the specific length required by the customer. CABLES also produces slings as required by applying ferrules, thimbles and sockets. The production of rope slings is subject to continuous controls on every step to ensure the highest quality and safety of the product.

It is possible to offer customization services of coils and slings such as:

> Stampings on ferrules the working load, traceability codes, Standards and/or customer identification data
> Customised tapes with company logos and/or identification batch numbers added inside the ropes during the stranding phase
> Slings supplied and made to drawing to which fixing accessories will be inserted.
> CABLES provides the customer with accessories (turnbuckles, shackles, eyebolts, clamps and thimbles) for the installation of AISI316 stainless steel and galvanized steel lifelines.

Bracing ropes, tensotructures and reinforcment structures

CABLES is a supplier of ropes in the field of modular roofs and metal tensile structures, for the construction of important covered structures, in civil, military and industrial fields.

An activity that has been synonymous with quality, competence and reliability for years now.

Naval industry

CABLES is active in the naval and port industry. Agreements with international partners allow us to offer a complete range of quality products, including:

> Steel wire ropes
> Lifting accessories
> Chain slings
> Polyester slings
> Ropes (hemp, jute, nylon etc...)
> Automatic hooks
> Special equipment for lifting - project and construction study (lifting beams, brackets, “C” hooks for coils lifting, lifting clamps, etc.).

Poultry industry

In the poultry business our ropes may be used for automatic feed distribution systems, trough suspension and cage opening systems.

Zootechnical industry

CABLES is the primary partner for the supply of steel ropes and accessories for all your livestock applications.

In particular, we have a stock of AISI 316 stainless steel ropes with polypropylene (PPC) core commonly used in this sector.

Agricultural industry

Ropes for vineyards and orchards are used in anchoring systems and anti-hail systems, as longitudinal and transversal connection between the poles, with balancing function.

CABLES ropes, in galvanized and stainless steel, are available in various galvanizing classes ranging from a diameter of 1, 25 to 10 mm and in various formations according to your needs.

Ropes for architecture and design

Ropes can be applied to architectural projects for structural and aesthetic reinforcement. Different AISI316 stainless steel ropes are available for  diameters and formations. In addition to the stainless steel ropes, our products include a wide range of accessories dedicated to architecture (stairs, railings, parapets).

CABLES offers a wide range of potential uses and can assist companies in their first steps of consulting and selection of materials that can be used.