Steel ropes, slings, chains
and lifting accessories

Cables produces a wide range of accessories for lifting systems, anchoring systems and industrial load handling systems suitable for different application sectors.


The steel ropes are the connection between technology and design for the all-round servicing of requirements.
From the steel mill to agriculture through different sectors: life lines, livestock, poultry, stone working, shipbuilding, architecture and design for a whole host of uses.
CABLES is able to customize the rope to realize unique projects and satisfy any type of request.

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The wire rope slings consist in ropes with fittings at the ends for slinging and handling the load. The wide variety of accessories available allows a large number of combinations. 
CABLES produces rope slings with various types
of terminals according to the need request: with soft eye, galvanized or stainless steel thimbles, carbon or alloy steel hooks, shackles, swaged and spelter sockets.

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CABLES is a reliable supplier of quality steel rope rings for lifting heavy loads in the industrial and naval field; and is able to satisfy every requirement of capacity, development, finish (bright or galvanized steel), and type (single or double ferrule).

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CABLES offers its customers a complete range of 80 and 100 grade chain slings made of top quality steel chains. 

The chain slings allow the application of specific terminals (eye or clevis hooks, self locking hooks and shortening hooks) for different uses, depending on the need.

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CABLES offers its customers a complete range of lifting accessories, such as: clamps, turnbuckles, hooks, shackles, eyebolts and much more. Furthermore, CABLES designs and manufactures customised special lifting equipment as sling bars, lifting clamps and brackets.

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CABLES supplies high quality lifting slings, in compliance with European standards, of various types and capacities guaranteeing safety and quality for every use and need.

Offers a wide range of lashing systems for securing loads on vehicles, including: belts with tensioners and kits of various types, in compliance with European standards, disposable belts for securing loads and safe transport, chain tensioner and anchor kit.

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Cables Division offers its customers a complete range of lifting accessories, such as: clamps, turnbuckles, hooks, shackles, eyebolts and much more. Furthermore, we designs and manufactures customised special lifting equipment.

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clamps and hoist

Through our partnership with Columbus McKinnon we are able to supply a wide range of lifting equipment and handling solutions, including: lever hoists, manual chain hoists, trolleys and clamps, electric and pneumatic chain hoists, manual winches, electric and pneumatic winches and rack and pinion winches.

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